The 2016 Fine Arts MA graduate show in Bergen 
has invited a group of guests to form a panel. With the artworks as a starting point, 
the guests will each write an individual response.
 Soon after, they come together in a live online debate 
here on this webpage.


In Praise of the Shadows

"In making for ourselves a place to live, we first spread a parasol to throw a shadow on the earth, and in the pale light of the shadow we put together a house." Jun'ichirō Tanizaki

The hollow light of the computer screen flickers in the sudden darkness. The nurse switches off the light of the room, as I can’t bare the light. Curled on the hospital bed, my mind plays tricks on me. Through the meanders of the medicine, a fleeting recollection emerges from my teenager years in Japan. Sabi: an ideal beauty that is so imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

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Enter. Space.

«I don't understand any of this shit. Now, Steven Spielberg that's a real artist.» The South African guy says this with pure conviction, and the tension that has been piercing my fragile shoulders like claws all night finally finds release. Is it within me or is it a reaction to the situation, or to the work? Do I even care where the notion stems from? Rewind. I lie in bed after a very short flight, but the fatigue I feel is reminiscent to a trip to Indonesia or Peru. I could have been asked to write about the statues on Easter Island. It would have felt more familiar.

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A light that never goes out

There is a light that goes on and off. This light shines evenly across time and space in a perfectly coordinated and perfectly just system. Now here shines a light while over there darkness reigns. Later night will fall over here as day rises over there. In fact, only because of this movement from darkness to light and back again is there a there and a here and a now and a later in the first place. Or so we are told. This is how everything gets started.

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Almanac des Gourmands by Alexandre-Balthazar-Laurent Grimod de La Reynière by Agatha Wara

Jejunus Raro stomachus vulgaria Temnit.

A stomach that is seldom empty despises common food.

-Horace (65 BC - 8 BC). Satires, II, 2, 38.

Paris, 1805

Third issue

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The Bergen Academy of Art & Design and Bergen Kunsthall present hex, the exhibition of the 2016 Master in Fine Arts Program. The group consists of 25 artists from 15 countries, with a wide variety of practices.
The curator of the show is Pedro Gómez-Egaña, visual artist and coordinator of the master program at Bergen Academy of Art & Design.

Bergen Kunsthall
Rasmus Meyers allé 5, 5015 Bergen
Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 11 – 17 / Thursday 11 – 20, with free entrance from 17 – 20


The idea for this webpage originates in a questioning of the value and use of discursive components parallel to an exhibition. The graduating class of 2016 has invited a group of guests to form a panel that will engage with the artworks over a stretch of time. We propose that looking at something several times, individually and as a group, produces new understandings. We lay the ground for observation, reflection and debate.

The guest contributors, Agatha Wara, Erik Bünger, Delphine Bedel and Kristian Skylstad will visit the show during the opening weekend. A few days after, they each submit a text that will be published on this website. The show is the starting point. From there, they are free to choose the direction and form of the text. Saturday 23. April, they meet online for further discussion. It will be streamed live on this webpage and screened at Bergen Kunsthall.


We want to give a special thanks to:
Pedro Gómez-Egaña, Jermund Lie (programmer), Marte Teigen (web design), Jane Sverdrupsen (photo documentation), Andrew Amorim (video documentation), Sara Risvåg (poster design), Sepus Noordmans (font design), Mattias Arvatsson, Johanna Balet Lettmayer, Gard Frantzsen, Vibeke Enæs, Bergen Academy of Art & Design and Bergen Kunsthall.




  • Ongoing Johanna Balet Lettmayer: Pieces in Variation A series of performances will happen at irregular intervals throughout the exhibition period with accumulations on Sunday afternoons.
  • 15. April 20:00 Opening
  • 15. April 20.50 Mekdes W Shebeta: I Have a Cow On The Sky That I Don’t See The Milk
  • 16. April Courtney Grant: Expression of a Calculation Motion
  • 16. April 15.00 Anita Loe: Graceless, lyrical speech
    Performed together with actress Lea K. 20 minutes.
  • 17. April 15.00 Anita Loe: Graceless, lyrical speech Performed together with actress Lea K. 20 minutes.
  • 20 - 21. April hex panel:
    Texts will appear, by Agatha Wara, Delphine Bedel, Kristian Skylstad and Erik Bünger
  • 23. Apr 14.00 hex panel:
    Online live debate
    Screened live on this webpage and Upstairs at Bergen Kunsthall
  • 24. Apr 15.00 Anita Loe: Graceless, lyrical speech Performed together with actress Lea K. 20 minutes.