Anita Loe

(b.1985, Norway)

Graceless, Lyrical Speech, performed together with Lea K., 20 min.

She mechanically looked at herself in the mirror atop the filthy and cracked sink, full of hairs, which matched her own life so well. It seemed to her that the dark and tarnished mirror didn’t reflect any image. Could her physical existence have vanished? Clarice Lispector, The Hour of The Star

Anita Loe makes fictional texts and events in conversation with already existing things. Now, she has been working with the character from her last project. The character was born from the study of a photograph. In November, she literally walked down the street. Anita Loe tries to see her object, and the object imposes on her. The borders between them soften. Would you like to add something? Maybe one more quote? Yes. If you want to see new things, take your walk along the same path every day. I don’t know who said it, but I use it to illustrate how I work. When I give attention to something over time, it grows and gains motion. A mental evolution of paths and objects. It is difficult to say where the path ends and I begin (As if there were endings and beginnings instead of an endless, messed up universe, I am going to say it: It just goes on and on, it is not an illusion).

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