Arvydas Umbrasas_Diptych-0855

Arvydas Umbrasas

(b.1986, Lithuania)

Diptych (190_blue leg arm.jpg; 190_girl.jpg), Photo Wallpaper, 1.90 x 3.37 m each

Accidents, ever changing circumstances, coupled with the millennial short term attention span led me to realize the importance of my daily obsessive mobile experiences. My cell phone is always by my side – to escape, to be consumed by self-made or imposed ideals communicated through an overwhelming amount of images circulating on social media apps. My Samsung A5 has become a portable studio where I store, edit, crop and work with screenshots and Instagram-friendly snapshots. The idea of participation in an art dialogue with utilized personal circumstances is intriguing to me and it has become the foundation of my artistic practice, where the Image is at the core. When I touch the images on the phone screen, scroll, tap, swipe, zoom-in or zoom-out etc., I never really reach the image. There is an impossible distance.

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