Charlotte Røed Piene_Sound Waves of Inner and Outer Territories

Charlotte Piene

(b.1985, Norway)

Sound Waves of Inner and Outer Territories, Sound Installation, 10-channels, wooden chairs, felt
8:15 min

The sound floats like liquids and the vibration transfers it into your body, from the ground below you. There is nothing between you now. You are a part of it. It is a part of you. You share the sound, and the vibration tries to match the energy in your body. They are not similar. You get affected by the disturbance, of that something which just entered the room. Your space. Your inner space.

Everything that surrounds me, affects me. Even if I hear or see it unconsciously. It changes my perception, and also how I act in different situations. Who am I when I meet people I know well, an acquaintance, a total stranger, or when I am all alone? I wonder if every human being has an internal system of sound inside, a kind of timbre or a frequency that we are sending out from our bodies. Is this timbre the reason for our ability to connect with other people and different places? We are tuning into each other. Everything has its own frequency and we harmonize or discord with it, like pitches and timbres. What happens when something from the outside hits your most inner interior, your own frequency?

In my practice, I try to combine the idea of the imaginary audible with social atmospheres, using sound, text, performance and drawing, as well as questioning various ways of listening.

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