Johanna Balet Lettmayer

(b.1984, Austria)

Pieces in Variation, Series of Performances, Texts

A: Come over, I got friend ache
friend ache, beach ache, green ache,
head ache, swollen eyes.

B: Not surprised, my friend, you hunch
down horizontal life,
in present checkered chair.

My works consist of performative and textual elements which I discretely insert into familiar settings. I direct attention by slightly disrupting what usually goes unnoticed. The pieces operate between convention and the dissolution of conventions. They make distinctions between real and staged, art and non-art difficult. I analyze social and institutional frameworks, ordinary procedures and languages of situations and sites. I que-question and re-choreograph them.

The project for hex is not going to be completed on opening night. I declare Bergen Kunsthall and the duration of the exhibition to be an extended space of my artistic research and practice. Works will materialize and change in response to circumstances. The documentation and discussion of the mostly ephemeral outcome are inherent parts of the project which will find its continuation in a publication after the exhibition period has ended.

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