Kim Kvello_Untitled (Bonnie)_Untitled (Found Leftovers from coated Objects)_Untitled (Station)-1014

Kim Kvello

(b.1987, Norway)

Untitled (Bonnie), Untitled (Station), Untitled (Found Leftovers from coated Objects), Installation of paintings and sculpture

Kim Kvello’s work always relates to painting, in one way or another. A gesture against a surface, or physical contact with any material made from human or external forces. Through different approaches, he wishes to reveal an inherent quality that blurs the path between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional. His practice revolves around methodic ways to propose painting, and a certain behaviour related to the act of painting. He often leaves behind traces and information of different ideas rooted in minimalism, abstract painting and relational art. His practice questions architectural space, manipulation of time, authenticity and outside interaction.

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