Lin Wang_Exotic Dreams and Poetic Misunderstanding

Lin Wang

(b.1985, China)

Exotic Dreams and Poetic Misunderstanding, Porcelain Installation

Exotic Dreams and Poetic Misunderstanding Project explores the crossroads between various cultures, times, history and people. It takes on a personal, conceptual interpretation of the moment these crossroads occur.

As a Chinese artist in Norway, I found it a challenge to communicate myself to a new cultural environment. Even when we do speak the same language, there are dramatic differences between the intention of the speaker and the understanding of the receiver. The same logic exists with artifacts and daily objects that have been transported from one end of the world to the other. The intention is lost or misread.

My experience calls on me to use the linguistic limitation and cultural diversity as resources to reconstruct this poetic misunderstanding seen in historical artifacts through a contemporary interpretation.

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