Peter Cleary_NW1 1QE-0552

Peter Cleary

(b.1986, Ireland)

NW1 1QE (1), NW1 1QE (2), NW1 1QE (3), NW1 1QE (4), Acrylic Ink on Canvas, 237 x 150 cm and 235 x 150 cm

NW1 1QE is a series of paintings that attempts to deal with a tension between art mediums and geological locations. Over the past ten years I have been living in cities like Limerick, London, Abu Dhabi, Leipzig and Oakland. The works are inspired from neighbourhoods I have lived in. Cities may have different cultures and histories but the neighbourhoods I have lived in shared uncanny parallels. The people and the architecture didn’t seem to belong within the same frame. When residing in Mussafah, an industrial Ghetto on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, the majority of people were men who came from India and Bangladesh. I was interested in how they related to the architecture and the environment. Streets of men, no women. They had come alone to build high-rise towers or to maintain the grass amidst the city’s baking heat.                                                                                                          

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