Terese Longva_Verda er blitt så nøyaktig-0571

Terese Longva

(b.1976, Norway)

Verda er blitt så nøyaktig / The World is becoming so accurate, Video Installation, 7 min. loop,

Four years ago, I met social scientist Harald Dyrkorn, and since then collaboration and conversations have been the core of our work. There is almost no distinction between our common work and mine. To me, there is a parallel between our way of working together and how Felix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze shared ideas, worked and lived. Thoughts and writings were created in-between them, which is much more than just Guattari, or just Deleuze. What happens in-between is an emergent property which a complex system (the whole) has, but which the individual members of the whole do not have. What happens in-between Harald and me is a non-linear process of creation, and this process is divergent; we do not know what the outcome may be. For us the goal is to initiate a process of emergence: to create a rupture in conventional thinking and open for insights into becoming. The conversation functions as a self-organizing, emergent system that creates something new/becoming that you did not know before or that was not even there.
Since 2010, I have also collaborated with Laurel Jay Carpenter (US) under the name Longva+Carpenter.


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